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Mission Statement:
The Wichita County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Alumni Association (WCSOCAA) is dedicated to the support of the Office of the Sheriff and the Law Enforcement Officials of Wichita County through volunteer assistance when called upon for support with community relations programs.

The Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy (SOCA) is designed to give citizens insight into the workings of their Sheriff's Office. The motto "Building Bridges Through Education" says it all. Through education, the relationship between the Sheriff's Office and the community is strengthened and the community benefits.

The Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy runs for a period of fourteen weeks. During this time, the Academy meets on Thursdays from 6 PM to 9 PM. The program will cover a variety of exciting topics including;

  • The History of the Sheriff's Office
  • Firearms and K-9 Demonstrations
  • Tactical Driving Demonstrations
  • Special Response Unit Demonstrations
  • A tour of the Courthouse
  • A tour the Jail and Jail Annex
  • A tour of the Allred Prison Unit
  • Introduction to the County Judicial System
  • And much more


Many other great topics are presented during the academy and your participation is highly encouraged. Additionally, the academy is a great way to see how your tax dollars are being spent here at the local county level.

If you are interested in attending, please click the "Applications" tab then select the "Academy" application. Complete and submit to enroll in the next class. You may also print and fax or mail your completed applcation. Click the contact tab for address/fax information.










I encourage all citizens of Wichita County to attend the Sheriff's Citizen's Academy. It is a great way to see and learn about the inner workings of your Sheriff's Office and to meet the men and women of the Sheriff's Office that work for you.


Not only is the Citizen's Academy a great way to learn more about the Sheriff's Office, it  is a great way to meet and befriend others from our community. I encourage all who attend to stay connected by becoming a member of the Alumni Association. As an Alumni member you will be able to stay current on changes and developments around our community as well as stay in touch with fellow classmates and other alumni members.
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